Life in the residence hall

There is always something going on!

If the Thursday Café is not open, you can probably find someone who is playing hockey in the gym room or cooking in one the shared kitchens.

You can meet your fellow residents all over the place. You could go to the exercise room, visit the reading room or, if you have children, drop by the children’s room.

The residence hall is enormous, so the possibilities are endless. And you have the opportunity to decide what should happen by joining the residents’ council or one of the many committees or groups.

Contact the residence hall

You can always contact us via email or phone during our opening hours.

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We have a large share of facilities at ØK

Oek Festival

Activities and parties

At Øresundskollegiet there are many activities and parties, which are planned by the residents, all year round.


Resident's Participation

At ØK residents participate in the democratic processes.