Under the administration office, we have a separate subletting office. The office is placed in building C 101 (see “Contact and opening hours”). If you wish to sublet your flat, this must be approved by the subletting office. Furthermore, you must make a standard lease, which must be signed by all parties. 

If a resident is going on an exchange stay, the resident’s flat can be sublet temporarily – typically for 3-6 months.

If you are lucky, you will at some point get a flat at ØK for a temporary period of time. Please note that when you, contrary to what many people believe, are no longer subletting a flat, you are not guaranteed a permanent residency at ØK.

The waiting list at KKIK is always in force.



Contact the residence hall

You can always contact us via email or phone during our opening hours.

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We have a large share of facilities at ØK

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Activities and parties

At Øresundskollegiet there are many activities and parties, which are planned by the residents, all year round.


Resident's Participation

At ØK residents participate in the democratic processes.