Øresundskollegiet was built on Glud & Marstrand’s (a metal goods factory) old industrial site. The building was constructed in the late 60s and early 70s. The first flats were ready to be occupied in 1969 and the last flats were ready in 1973.

The residence hall was built in an era in which everything had to be big! And originally, the plan was to use the entire site and thus 22 buildings were planned. Even though only half this size, ØK is – with 1025 tenancies distributed on 45,000 square meters – the largest residence hall in the Nordic countries.

All though built in a typical 70s style, the residence hall still differs significantly from what is regarded as characteristic of this period. This is seen in the angled walls and floor to ceiling windows. The angled walls also mean that there is no direct view into the flats from the opposite buildings. The flats consist of one, two and three rooms and this is also a sign of inventive thinking. Two of the 12 buildings have shared kitchens on each hallway. In the 10 other buildings, the flats have their own kitchens, which also is very different from the prevailing concept of residence halls back then.

The 12 buildings are named A-M, however, the number of building does not correspond with the alphabet. The letter “I” is left out – nobody knows why.

In recent years, ØK has gone through a number of renovations and improvements. Hence, today it appears as a modern place with a constant buzzing of liveliness and activities.

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Activities and parties

At Øresundskollegiet there are many activities and parties, which are planned by the residents, all year round.


Resident's Participation

At ØK residents participate in the democratic processes.