How do i open the barrier when i arrive with my furniture?

You must use your access key, which you will receive along with the keys for the flat. It is the same unit which is used in all the buildings.

Are there any rules for drilling?

Yes, please look under house rules, and please respect the time periods. Many people move in and out every other week.

How do i pay my rent?

You will have the opportunity to pay your rent via BetalingsService (payment service), so that each month, the rent automatically will be withdrawn from your bank account. No money will be withdrawn, until it appears from the payment survey from your bank. If you do not register with BetalingsService, we will send you a charge form each month. You can always register to BetaligsService – just contact the administration office.

Do i have access to a shared kitchen, if my flat has a kitchen?

Unfortunately not. If you want to be part of a social community in the residence hall, you must do so via the different activities which take place at ØK.

The entrance doors to the building are locked. do i have to go all the way down to let my guests in?
Get a fixed-line phone. Then you can open the entrance doors and barriers from your flat without having to go down and open them. Your guest will enter the local number to your flat (see instructions on the display), the phone rings, you pick up and talk to with your guest, press 5 and voilá … the door or the barrier opens.
Never open the door to people you don’t know.

Which kind of study documentation do you need before i move in?

A student identity card is not sufficient. We would prefer an updated confirmation of your admission to a place of education. Your area and commencement of study must also be included on the confirmation document. You may also hand in a study journal. It is important that we can see what you study and when you started. If you are an apprentice or taking vocational training, you may hand in a training agreement depending on how far along you are at the time you move in.

Can i see a flat?

Unfortunately not. All flats are constantly rented out. You can see plan drawings and pictures on this website.

Can i see the residence hall?

You can always visit the residence hall during the administration office’s opening hours. The administration office will let you in, so you can take a walk down the lobby, which connects eight of the 12 buildings. You may also take a walk in the outdoor areas so you can get a sense of the environment.

Contact the residence hall

You can always contact us via email or phone during our opening hours.

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We have a large share of facilities at ØK

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Activities and parties

At Øresundskollegiet there are many activities and parties, which are planned by the residents, all year round.


Resident's Participation

At ØK residents participate in the democratic processes.